Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Junk Shopping Day

Today was good day to go junk shopping! It was a typical cool and rainy spring day here in the Pacific Northwest. So I decided instead of sitting at home that I would get out and see what I could find at our local thrift stores. 

It was a good day to go out shopping but I think I did better then just finding junk. I found some really cool treasures. At least I think they are pretty cool. I have always loved Amber glass so I was excited when I found a set of 6 Amber Water Goblets.

The little pink hand painted piece is a Fenton vase and it is signed by the artist. The two little pins are Coro pins. They are very sweet. The black tooth pick holder with the floral design is cloisonne. This is a vintage piece of cloisonne.

I also found these cute little glass salt & pepper's. They have silver plate tops. 

When I headed out I certainly wasn't expecting to find so many pretty things. It was a good day for junk shopping because I found such pretty junk!!!

All the pieces pictured here will be going up to Cat's Meow Antiques in Poulsbo.

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