Monday, February 7, 2011

A Bit of Vintage Beauty for Valentines Day

I think anything made in the past holds a beauty that appeals to me. Of course my true love is paper ephemera. Post cards, greeting cards, certificates, old letters and on and on I could go.
 Being the owner of a Antique Stores gives me the privilege of seeing alot of paper ephemera everyday. The graphics used on these old pieces of paper are simply beautiful.  I love to read the old notes left for loved ones or friends on the backs of postcards. It is romantic to think what these messages meant to the receiver of the postcard. I look at each one as a message from a time gone by. A true sentiment from someones heart.
Writing to our friends and loved ones is an art lost in this day and age of computers and social networks. Next time you think of someone special in your life and you want to make an impression on them, write them a note or send them a postcard. You will touch them with an art form from the past...

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