Sunday, November 7, 2010

Visiting in Minnesota

My husband Jon and I are in Minnesota visiting family. For the 1st half of our trip we are in Central Minnesota and next week we will be in Southern Minnesota. The fun part of being here is that you can find a lot of American history all around you. Today we took a trip a little up North and found a great County Park called Phelps Mill Park. Here we found a restored 1889 flour mill in a lovely park alongside the millpond and stream. Next to the Mill is a great old bridge that no longer can take vehicle traffic but you can walk across and enjoy the beautiful view. What a find this park was because of all the history we found. We stood there and imagined what is was like to be alive in the late 1800's. The construction of this Flour Mill brought with it many other businesses to this area. Imagine being there watching the success of this town growing. This historic Mill was known for more then just flour. The Town's identity and economy grew from the success of the Mill. With the Mill came a Bunk House called "Farmers Roost", Livery Stable, Blacksmith Shop, General Store, Post Office, Ice House, Cheese Factory and Restaurant. Of course now all that is left is the Mill and the General Store but it is fun to use your imagination to try a picture what it looked like back in the late 1800's. History always moves forward but what I really enjoy is the past.

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