Thursday, April 29, 2010

Needed Inspiration!!!

I wanted to share with you an an event that we are attending on May 14th that will be giving us some needed inspiration for Simply Renewed. It has been a long hard winter in Downtown Bremerton. Between long cold rainy days and construction issues we are ready for a breath of fresh Spring air. We are hoping to get that fresh Spring air from the Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market!

On Friday May 14th Jean Marie and I will be attending a very special semminar with Junk Market Founder Sue Whitney- the original Junk Master. Sue will encourage homeowners at The Funky Junk Sisters Show to salvage flea market finds and unused “junk” to create treasured home furnishings. She knows the ins and outs of making pennies count. Her “junk” style sheds financial constraints associated with bringing new furniture into a home by fabricating unwanted items into re-purposed nostalgia. Sue,co-author of Junk Beautiful, was a contributing editor for "Country Home" magazine and has appeared on the “Today Show” and HGTV’s “Country Style,” where she transforms junk into fun, elegant and functional furniture and home d├ęcor.

It is our hope to walk away from this semminar with a whole bunch of inspiration that we want to share with our customers. More to come in the near future about this exciting event.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A busy month in May...

It starts on the 1st Friday, May 7th, Artwalk Night. Come on down to Downtown Bremerton and enjoy the Art Galleries, Museums, Coffee Shops, Restaurants and retail stores. We all stay open into the evening for the 1st Friday Art Walk. While your there you can check out the progression of the new sidewalk construction and the location of the new Art that we will be getting in Downtown Bremerton very soon. More to come on that you can be assured later!!!

Don't forget to mark your calendars for May 15th and the Armed Forces Day Parade. The oldest running Armed Forces Day parade in the USA. We have been going to this parade for years.

We end the month with a big festival called the Kitsap Harbor Festival. This is held on May 29th-31st on Memorial Day weekend. This festival is sponsored by the Port of Bremerton and includes three days of events and festivals.

During this busy weekend we have two special events going on in Downtown Bremerton.
The Kitsap Car Cruz on Pacific Ave between Burwell and 9th Street and the 4th Street Market on 4th Street between Washington Ave and Pacific Ave. Please try to make it down to check out these two specail events.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Inside Simply Rrenewed

4000 square feet of antiques, vintage items, collectible items, junk and stuff. We have a wide variety of merchandise. 20+ antique dealers rent space and we also take consignments. We have a section with local artists, Washington State merchandise, Bremerton T-shrits and Bremerton ballcaps. We pride ourselves on our selection of merchandise and how we can find the collectible that you might be looking for. Please check out the pictures below and check our store out next time you are in Downtown Bremerton.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome to my Blog for Simply Renewed Antiques!!!

Everyone tells me that I need to start a blog but really it kind of scares me...Will I have enough to write or say???...Would anyone care to read what I write???...Oh well here it goes...I have started a blog and am learning how to function in this world of social networking and media. My name is Peggy and over 5 years ago I opened an Antique Store in Downtown Bremerton, Wa. The store's name is Simply Renewed and after 5+ years and 2 major moves we are now located at the corner of Burwell and Pacific Ave. 301 Pacific Ave. to be exact. We chose to build our business in Downtown Bremerton because of the beautiful place it is and the renewal it is going through. It has been a challenge and we have learned to go with the flow.

Speaking of flow...right now we are in the midst of a sidewalk and road construction project. Nothing can hinder a business more then having construction going on right out in front of you. I'm learning that the flow can throw you something new everyday. Luckily we have our new sidewalks now and are just waiting for the road construction to be completed. This project is teaching me that going with the flow means taking it one day at a time...and keeping a stiff upper lip.

Anyway enough about that day to day stuff. What I hope to post here from time to time is information about my favorite web sites, events and news related to Antiques, Junking and Collectibles. News about Downtown Bremerton and Simply Renewed. And from time to time I will probably ramble on about other things that are important to me and my dream in Downtown Bremerton...including sometimes that boring day to day stuff. I hope that if you are following my ramblings that you are getting some good information out of it and enjoy this blog. Thanks, Peggy

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